Impending Forrins

It turns out that May and June are very busy. Shortly I’ll depart for San Francisco. I will be writing for both Pimoroni and Make. I’ll be presenting talks at HDDG and at Make itself, and popping up at the Bring a Hack meetup. Air travel kinda stops you whoofing all your cool stuff into a car and just turning up with a bag of tricks, so the Americans are going to have to deal with an idiot Brit turning up with a bag of trash and a headfull of ideas. Continue reading Impending Forrins

Been Busy…

So since Christmas things have been a bit frantic. I’ve been updating twitter, but not this page, not as much as I should do. I’ll try to force myself to do a post a week, but don’t hold me to it. A sort-of mini world tour is imminent, and although hectic there are some places I’ve been wanting to see ever since I got into this Maker lark. I’ve had to turn down some things (why does everyone hold an event on the May Bank Holiday weekend?) and other events because burnout is a Very Real Thing. So – what … Continue reading Been Busy…

Xmas dress 2017

For our Christmas do, I usually do something along the lines of …well, lights. In my family we have always celebrated the Solstice and the sun coming back, because quite frankly, Winter is a bit miserable. So, last year I wore a crown of ivy, berries, and little warm white lights. This year… I figured I’ve got a bit better at coding, so why not use that to make my lights a bit more interesting? I drew this sketch with all the enthusiasm and disregard for practicality of a 5 year old. First step was actually having a dress to … Continue reading Xmas dress 2017

Be brave!

Everyone has to start somewhere. I started using Python around a year ago, but have no formal training in it. I expect this makes me a beginner. So why am I writing tutorials if I’m not an expert? Well, I figured there are a lot of people in the same boat as me. How many times have you blindly followed a tutorial, made something work, and then had absolutely no idea why it worked? Been frustrated that you think you’ve followed it correctly, but have no clue why it’s not working? This is why I started to write tutorials. If … Continue reading Be brave!