Cheating at Techno Fashion


Christmas parties are coming, and adding lights to your outfit are totally a legit way of avoiding conversations, and having to talk about the lights, yeah?

I made a YouTube video of the two laziest ways I found of adding lights to your outfit. The first way involves buying some TV lights (yes, for sticking to your TV) and instead sticking them on your outfit. The TV lights come with a USB plug, which you’re supposed to plug into the TV to power them, but you can plug them into a power bank in your pocket and dance the night away, covered in rainbows.

The second way is to buy some fairy lights that are on a flexible wire (not a plastic wrapped cable) and bend them around any headband, headdress, trapper hat, or construction hat you damn well fancy.

The first will cost you £5 to £10, and the second around £5. Either way, you’re going to be the glow stick in a crowd of …er, non-glowing sticks.

That’s the year before last, when I only knew about static fairy lights. You can do better.

IMG-20171106-WA0008 (2)

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