Been meaning to put this one up for a bit, but time, projects, workshops, work, life, etc.

With the MagPi magazine issue 57 there was this awesome cover freebie – a google ai kit, just add Pi. After scraping all of tesco’s stock for my nearest and dearest, I decided mine would be a lot better off in something more substantial than the card housing that was provided with the kit.

At B&M I found a dinosaur hobby horse, which of course was crying out for conversion. It already had a dinosaur roar in it, which I left in for Obvious Reasons.


The MagPi kit is pretty easy to follow, so I won’t repeat their instructions, the only thing I wish I hadn’t done is run the command

sudo systemctl enable voicerecognizer

because it’s difficult to change things like wifi settings when you go to different places. I should have put it in a crontab instead to run as a background thing.

Here are some build pictures which are pretty self explanatory.

The Googleaisaur is running off a Pi 3 with Google AI kit, powered by an 8000mAh battery pack. It runs for a working day with occasional use by anyone passing.